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New Survey Claims Almost Half Of iPhone Users Want Apple's iPhone 5

New Survey Claims Almost Half Of iPhone Users Want Apple's iPhone 5

September 23, 2011
A new survey conducted by the iPhone Q&A app "Opinionaided" notes that 49 percent of iPhone users want the iPhone 5. In the coming weeks, Apple is expected to announce two new iPhone handsets - one, a cheaper iPhone 4S, and the other, a fully-featured fifth generation iPhone handset. The Opinionaided iPhone app (which we reviewed back in 2010) questioned a total of 1,011 iPhone users. Unsurprisingly, the results show that almost half of the iPhone owners questioned are interested in upgrading to Apple's fifth generation handset when it launches. Yesterday, we told you that 89 percent of iPhone users will stick with Apple when it comes to purchasing a new smart phone handset. As a company, Apple has the highest retention rate of all the major smart phone manufacturers (HTC, Samsung and RIM included). It's no surprise that Opinionaided's results have shown that half the iPhone users questioned are interested in the iPhone 5. Indeed, we wouldn't be surprised if a higher percentage upgraded once the handset becomes available. If you already use an iPhone, let us know if you're planning on upgrading to the iPhone 5 in the comments.

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