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Wrist Protection And Image Support Make Their Way Into Penultimate

Wrist Protection And Image Support Make Their Way Into Penultimate

September 14, 2011
Cocoa Box Design wasn't just looking to provide a place to doodle, somewhere to jot down ideas, a keeper of notes, a way to remember what to do, and a scratchpad to solve problems. Penultimate is meant to be that perfect handwriting tool, i.e., a digital notebook for all people and purposes. In its continued evolution, Penultimate v3.1 adds wrist protection and image support for added convenience and comfort. What is wrist protection? It's a preventative measure to the natural contact of the lower hand and/or wrist to the paper when writing at the top and middle of the page. When dealing with physical paper, this can lead to discoloration, smudging, etc. In regard to a touchscreen, such as the iPad, the issue is multiple contact points, which may cause unexpected and unwanted input. Penultimate's wrist protection has been designed to function with six of the most common writing preferences. Managed under the settings section, wrist protection can be quickly configured and adjusted. After setup, Penultimate will ignore the additional input, allowing you to write normally. Just like a physical notebook, you may find it easier to add an image to a page without needing to recreate it manually. In the olden days, that required a few pieces of tape or a little glue. Penultimate doesn't require such a mess, plus it permits resizing and moving images without much effort. Images can be imported from your photo library, including saved from web pages and the sort, or captured via either one of the iPad 2's cameras. I'd like to mention that both of these features do have tiny quirks, but nothing that would by means deter me from using them. Drawing over images with the pen can be a little tricky at first because the app sometimes thinks you mean to move the image. Wrist protection would occasionally cause the app to ignore all input until I removed my hand and replaced it. Penultimate is compatible with iPad running iOS 3.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $.99.

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