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Sparrow For iPhone Should Be Available In A Few Months

Sparrow For iPhone Should Be Available In A Few Months

November 4, 2011
For a while now, we've known that an iPhone version of Sparrow is in development. Now, the application is reportedly nearing completion, and to get us all excited the app's developer has released a teaser image of Sparrow running on an iPhone handset. If you're not familiar with Sparrow, the $9.99 Mac app provides users with a well-designed alternative to the built-in Mail application. The app supports Google Mail, Yahoo!, AOL and any custom IMAP server, and has become extremely popular among Mac fans. (You can try out the Mac application for free by downloading the lite version of Sparrow.) The idea of a Sparrow iPhone app has definitely got us very excited. Back in August, we heard that the application was in-the-works. However, according to Dominique Leca (the application's developer), it's important to ensure that the iPhone app is just right before releasing it in the App Store (take note, Google). He said:
“We want our user to spend less time on mail. Our goal is to provide an efficient and playful experience,” Leca told [Business Insider]. “But we need to see if the UI we’ve come up with makes as much sense on the iPhone as we thought when we designed it. Our focus is efficiency.”
Business Insider stated that the app should be available "within the coming few months." We'll be sure to keep you posted on the application's progress, and in the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on Sparrow in the comments. [via Business Insider]

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