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This iPhone App Can Add Weather Information To Your Lock Screen

This iPhone App Can Add Weather Information To Your Lock Screen

December 30, 2011
Lock Screen Weather ($0.99) is a new iPhone app that can display weather information on users' Lock screen without the iOS device having to be jailbroken. Though Android-powered smart phone owners can enjoy live wallpapers that display information on the weather, Apple fans have to resort to jailbreaking their handset in order to enjoy such a feature. Not everybody wants to "liberate" their iPhone, namely because it voids the handset's warranty (though it's generally believed that following an iTunes restore, Apple can't tell whether an iPhone has been jailbroken or not). However, a new iPhone application can enable a custom, live wallpaper that displays information on the weather (including icons). Because the application is available in the App Store (for $0.99, we might add), it obviously doesn't require a jailbreak. Take a look at the app's description, as outlined in its release notes:
Introducing Lock Screen Weather, the first and only app that will place current weather conditions on the Lock Screen of your iPhone and iPod Touch. At the tap of a button, you know what’s the weather like today instantly. No need to unlock your phone and start up some weather app. Launch the Lock Screen Weather once, set your preferences and you’re done. Your Lock Screen never looked so beautiful, in addition to displaying so valuable information.
But does that mean it's all good news? Unfortunately, the answer is "no." Though Lock Screen Weather does what it promises to do, the way in which it achieves this effectively results in draining the iPhone's battery rapidly, and has many users upset. This is because the application plays a silent sound file while in use, the "album artwork" for which forms the Lock screen weather information display. As one might expect, this has a serious effect on the iPhone's battery life. However, that's not all: while in use, the handset's notification sounds are messed up, too - meaning you won't be alerted when SMS messages, emails and more reach your smart phone. Because of these two crucial reasons, we wouldn't recommend that our readers spend a dollar on Lock Screen Weather. If our article hasn't persuaded you to let this app pass by, take a look at its numerous reviews in iTunes - there are a lot of unhappy customers. [via iDownloadBlog]

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