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Jailbreakers Beware: Early Greenpois0n Issues With Camera Roll

Jailbreakers Beware: Early Greenpois0n Issues With Camera Roll

January 20, 2012
To those of our readers who jailbreak, you very likely already jumped on the "Absinthe" Greenpois0n iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak we reported a couple of hours ago. But whether you have yet to apply the untethered jailbreak to your A5-powered iDevice or are wondering about some unexpected issues afterwards, we have new information to help you make sure things go as planned. For starters, we've seen tweets such as this one by @comex
Like Spirit of old, the latest jailbreak forgets to set the "don't delete the camera roll" flag.
Even though you should be doing backups before applying new jailbreaks, don't get alarmed just yet if you have an itchy jailbreak trigger finger. With a brief explanation, a post at states that the behavior "is not an error in the application it's just an uncompleted jailbreak." The blog entry goes on to explain that users should rerun the app to "fix" the issue and fully complete the jailbreak. The second tip regarding the application of Absinthe was made via a tweet through their @Jailbreak account.
When jailbreaking with Absinthe Greenpois0n : Do not have a passcode set.
Hopefully, these new tidbits clear things up and help smooth things out as much as possible.

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