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Apple Changes Mac App Store Sandboxing Deadline To June 1

Apple Changes Mac App Store Sandboxing Deadline To June 1

February 21, 2012
Apple announced today that it is extending its deadline for developers to follow the new Mac App Store sandboxing requirements until June 1.
"We have extended the deadline for sandboxing your apps on the Mac App Store from March 1st to June 1st to provide you with enough time to take advantage of new sandboxing entitlements available in OS X 10.7.3 and new APIs in Xcode 4.3," the company said on a news page for developers.
Originally set for March 1, the rules stated that developers wishing to sell apps in the Mac App store had to follow rules that would strongly limit parts of the computer that apps had access too. Some developers have voiced their displeasure with the sandboxing rules, speaking out against the limitations. The announcement comes on the heels of the recent unveiling of the next version of OS X – Mountain Lion. One new feature of the OS is Gatekeeper, which by default will only allow users to install applications for the Mac App Store or by registered Apple developers who pay $99 per year to the company. Users can change the settings to allow other applications to be installed. But some experts believe that Gatekeeper is Apple’s attempt to head off malware while Macs are growing in popularity. Are you OK with Apple’s restrictions for developers when designing an app? (Image via The Mac Observer)

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