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Apple's iPhone 4S Available Again In China's Online Store

Apple's iPhone 4S Available Again In China's Online Store

February 5, 2012
It's rather fair to say that the launch of Apple's iPhone 4S in China hasn't gone smoothly. After postponing the handset's launch in Apple Retail Stores (which enraged egg-throwing scalpers) the company's Apple Online Store stock rapidly sold out. Some customers were able to get their handset from a retail store via an online reservation system, which was introduced less than a week ago. However, Apple fans in China are now able to order the iPhone 4S from the country's Online Store, and according to one Apple employee, online orders should be with customers by March 2 at the latest. The March 2 date comes from ChinaDaily, who claims to have heard it from an Apple employee. The employee reportedly told ChinaDaily:
If you pay today, you might get the items tomorrow, and no later than March 2.
Customers purchasing an iPhone 4S via China's Online Store are limited to two handsets - as of this moment, all three iPhone models are available in both black and white. It's still not possible to purchase the iPhone 4S as a walk-in customer at most Apple Stores - the measure has been taken in an attempt to combat "scalpers," who purchase the handset and sell it on for an inflated price on China's gray market. This, we are told, was the reason for the initial revolt back when the iPhone 4S launched. Apparently, since online orders for the handset opened again, the number of scalper-sold iPhone 4S handsets has decreased, which is obviously good news. Let's just hope by the time Apple's next big product launches in China, the necessary measures will have been taken to prevent a repeat of last month's egg-throwing catastrophe. [via 9to5Mac]

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