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Apple's iTV Launch Rumored To Be Delayed Due To Poor Display Availability

Apple's iTV Launch Rumored To Be Delayed Due To Poor Display Availability

February 3, 2012
Just a couple of days ago, we told you Apple was reportedly in talks with at least one potential display provider for its rumored Apple Television (or, if you prefer, "iTV") device. Now, we're hearing that the launch of this yet-to-be-announced product could be delayed due to poor display availability. Before you get too worried, we should note that the report comes from the not-always-accurate DigiTimes. The website claims to cite "sources in Apple's supply chain," and notes that:
The chance is low for Apple to launch so-called iTV products in the second quarter of 2012 as there are no signs indicating that Sharp is ready to ship IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels to Apple, according to industry sources.
In the past, we have indeed heard that Apple was looking to announce and potentially ship its iTV device in the second quarter of this year, though other reports also note that the product might not launch until 2013. Because nothing has been announced by Apple, it's difficult to take these rumors too seriously. Though, as time moves on, if an iTV is indeed in the pipeline - as so many believe - we're sure to hear at least something concrete on the manufacturing side. Here's hoping we do soon! In the meantime, feel free to tell us what features you'd like to see launch with the iTV in the comments. [via Boy Genius Report]

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