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Caught In A Picle: Capture Moments Through Photos With Sounds

Caught In A Picle: Capture Moments Through Photos With Sounds

February 29, 2012
This year's South by Southwest festivals are just over a week away, and many app developers are no doubt on their toes by now in preparation for the SXSW Interactive conference. One such developer is Made by Many, which is planning to launch a new photo app during the said conference. "Not another photo app," you might say. But it would seem that what Made by Many, which launched Holler Gram at last year's SXSW, has in store this time around is indeed not just another photo app. This one not only shoots photos; it records sounds, too. The app is called Picle. As Tim Malbon, co-founder of Made by Many, shares in the company's official blog, Picle was inspired by a small undertaking done by one of his colleagues, Alex Harding. Alex wanted to answer the question, "What would Instagram sound like?" Driven by the challenge, he went on a trip to a seaside town, and while there he took photos of the surroundings using Instagram and recorded the accompanying sounds using Apple's stock Voice Memos app. The result can be seen and heard in the video below, which collects all of the photos and sound bites from Alex's trip. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Picle aims to combine Instagram and Voice Memos as they were used in Alex's experiment into one convenient app. According to Tim, "Picle preserves moments that matter to you by capturing an audio clip with a photograph. These moments — or Picles — can then be laced together to make stories and shared with the web." Unlike Instagram, Picle will have a fully functional companion website, which can display users' Picle streams and support liking, commenting, sharing and embedding. Below are a few screenshots from the app's prototype stages. Made by Many plans to launch the SXSW version early next week and encourages users to chime in with their thoughts on the app. What do you think?

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