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Daiwa Securities Claims iPhone 5 Will Launch In June

Daiwa Securities Claims iPhone 5 Will Launch In June

February 2, 2012
A new report from Daiwa Securities (via the Commercial Times) claims that Apple is planning on launching the iPhone 5 at its WWDC event this June. The report also noted that:
The iPhone 5 will continue to utilize glass to glass (G/G) touch panel technology which will benefit current touch panel suppliers TPK Holding and Wintek, the paper quoted the securities house as saying.
The launch date for Apple's sixth-generation iPhone handset has been a matter of debate, due to the delayed launch of its predecessor - the iPhone 4S. Though Apple usually sticks to a yearly release for its new line of iOS devices, in 2011 the iPhone's launch was pushed back to fall, with the company's WWDC focussing instead on software - on iOS and OS X. Some believe Apple pushed the date back because it was better off-set against the iPad's launch, in February or March. However, others claim that this was an unplanned delay, and that Apple will instead return to its summer iPhone launch this year, with the iPhone 5. That Daiwa Securities claims Apple is planning on launching its iPhone 5 in June is no great revelation, as rumors regarding this have been circulating online for some time. Though production of the next-generation handset has apparently started at Foxconn - pointing to a summer release - we're not going to know anything for certain until Apple announces it. The Moscone - Apple's usual venue for its WWDC conference - is booked-out between June 11-15, due to a "Corporate Meeting." It's very likely that these are the dates for Apple's WWDC conference, at which we may - or may not - hear about the company's next-generation iPhone handset. As always, we'll keep you posted. [via MacRumors]

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