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Remember To Save Your iOS 5.0.1 SHSH Blobs Using TinyUmbrella Or iFaith

February 8, 2012
The developer of TinyUmbrella - a Mac application that allows users to save their iOS device's SHSH blobs, ultimately preserving one's jailbreak - has recently updated his blog, urging readers to save their blobs before Apple launches a new version of its iOS mobile operating system. His update read:
With the quiet time between jailbreak and iOS version, make sure you get your SHSHs saved. I’ve been working on the TinyUmbrella rewrite (albeit sparingly due to real life demands). It’s important to make sure you have your 5.0.1 SHSHs tucked away safe. There is no guarantee that we’ll have things this good again.
Although Cydia can store users' SHSH blobs, it's always a good thing to manually save them - just in case. It's already known that Apple has patched the Corona exploit in iOS 5.1, meaning jailbreakers are advised to avoid the update once it finally launches. For more information, head over to TinyUmbrella's website. [via iDownloadBlog]

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