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Tim Cook Spends As Much Time On His iPad As The Rest Of Us

Tim Cook Spends As Much Time On His iPad As The Rest Of Us

February 14, 2012
Tim Cook, speaking at today's Goldman Sachs Technology Conference, had a lot to say about the business of Apple's past, present, and future. But he also took the opportunity to further humanize himself as the torch-bearing visionary his recently-orphaned Cupertino company still very much needs. In doing so, I found out that the man and myself have at least two things in common: We both head up iconic, multi-billion-dollar computer corporations spend 80 to 90 percent of our time working and consuming on our beloved iPads, and we both believe the iPad will soon become the world's most popular (and populous!) personal computer. Just as there's no threat of a competing device -- like, say, the Kindle Fire -- swooping in and abating my love affair with Apple's slim tablet any time soon, I can barely see the market gaining a viable competitor at all. Cook, of course, is equally skeptical, saying (via 9to5Mac):
People at the end of the day, they want the great product… I think [Amazon] will sell a lot of units. Our customers are not going to be satisfied with a limited-function product…
And Cook's not afraid of Samsung (arguably Apple's Benedict Arnold largest competitor), either, ribbing the Korean giant and declaring his love for competition. You know, "as long as people invent their own stuff..."

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