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A Storm Of Swords Awaits In The Latest Game From The Makers Of Soosiz

A Storm Of Swords Awaits In The Latest Game From The Makers Of Soosiz

March 13, 2012
How do you top a game like Soosiz? That's the question that nagged Touch Foo, the makers of Soosiz, for quite a while. Soosiz was released for iPhone in October 2009 and was reviewed positively here on AppAdvice and pretty much elsewhere. It was such a big hit that Soosiz HD for iPad was made available in due course, in April of the following year. Now, after what seems like a rather long dry spell of not launching a new game, be it a separate upgrade of an old title or an original release, Touch Foo is finally coming out with something, and it's a completely new game. Yes, Touch Foo's latest is a fresh one, and it certainly looks like the product of months and months of hard work. In keeping with the quirky nomenclature started by Touch Foo with Soosiz, the new game has ben given the title Swordigo. Naturally, Swordigo has something to do with swords. In a sense, the game was made in response to a hypothetical question raised by a Soosiz fan: "What would happen if the makers of Soosiz would create an RPG?" But, as it happens, Swordigo is not an RPG — at least not only. Since they have proven well their proficiency in making a platform game, the Touch Foo guys decided to adhere to what they do best in developing Swordigo. Simply put, Swordigo is a promising combination of medieval RPG and classic platform game, with a greater emphasis on the latter. Take a look at a preview of the game's 3-D graphics and heroic music below and you'll see what I mean. The RPG part, if you're wondering, comes into play in the main character's opportunities for level-up and world exploration. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Having been submitted to Apple for review, Swordigo, which is a universal iOS game, is expected to hit the App Store in a week or so. Of course, as loyal readers of AppAdvice, you'll be among the first ones to know once it does. In the meantime, the gravity-defying worlds of Soosiz are still available for your gaming pleasure.

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