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Is New Texas Apple Store Grand Opening Timed With iPad 3 Release?

Is New Texas Apple Store Grand Opening Timed With iPad 3 Release?

March 1, 2012
It's always nice to see yet another Apple store open in my home state of Texas, but the opening of a Houston-area store may coincide with the introduction of something special – namely the iPad 3. Houston Chronicle tech blogger Dwight Silverman is reporting that the Highland Village Apple Store's opening date has been moved up one day to Friday, March 16. The date is interesting because it is nine days after the introduction of the iPad 3 on Wednesday in San Francisco. For those of you who aren't keeping score at home, the iPad 2 was put on sale in 2011 on Friday, March 11, nine days after being introduced by Apple on a Wednesday. According to Silverman, the opening date of the store (pictured under construction) is pretty firm:
Work has been proceeding at a furious pace at the site, which has been draped in black cloth for months. On Wednesday evening, workers swarmed over the building in the dark. Behind the store, crates stamped "Made In Italy" were open and contained floor tiles that were being installed. Scaffolding that had surrounded the building for months is gone, and the black cloth now covers what appears to be a glass back, front and curved roof. It looks like a smaller version of a store opened in New York City last year.
Just a little more than two weeks to go until the iPad 3, hopefully. So, are you ready to set up your tent at the local Apple store? Or maybe they'll allow pre-orders, to be shipped on release day, like they did with the iPhone 4S. (via MacRumors, Image via

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