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Tether (iTether) Launches New HTML5 Web-App, Tether For $30/Year

Tether (iTether) Launches New HTML5 Web-App, Tether For $30/Year

March 10, 2012
Back in November, an application called "iTether" (which allowed users to share their iPhone's cellular data connection with a computer) was allowed into the App Store by mistake, and became available to purchase for $14.99. Apple removed the application almost straight away - the company offers its own official tethering software via Personal Hotspot, though this feature comes with an additional charge. Now, Tether has made a return to our iOS devices in the form of an HTML5 Web-app. Because Tether is now a Web-app (and not an iOS application) Apple can't stop fans from using the service. According to 9to5Mac:
As the company explains in their video above, the new solution allows users to setup an Ad-Hoc network on their Mac, connect to that network from the iPhone, turn on their Mac app ... and then just login to iTether’s HTML5-based to get started. The company tells us that their patent pending technology works with 3G connections, is data encrypted, and that the entire experience is wireless. No USB connection is required like in their old iOS-application-based solution.
You can download the client Mac client here, and further information Tether's pricing structure (and its half-price offer, which runs during launch week) can be found over at the service's website. Do remember that Tether, of course, isn't an official tethering solution and as a result you won't have Apple's support if anything does go wrong. Furthermore, iDownloadBlog took Tether for a spin and ran into some problems (see the update to the website's article). Let us know if the service works for you in the comments. Below, we've included a video of Tether in action.

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