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We Want To Hear From You: Share Your New iPad Adventure With Us

We Want To Hear From You: Share Your New iPad Adventure With Us

March 16, 2012

So, it’s almost that time. It’s almost new iPad day. I bet you can’t wait to put your hands all over your new iPad and download some awesome apps that take advantage of that beautiful Retina display. I know I can't wait.

But how are you going to make that happen? Did you preorder? Are you already in line at an Apple Store? Or are you trying your hand at one of the other retail options?

Whether you’re braving the lines at the Apple Store, hitting up Walmart at midnight, or waiting on your porch for the FedEx truck to deliver your new iPad right to your door — we want to hear from you!

Our own Robin Rhys will be stopping in at the Apple Store at The Grove in Los Angeles tomorrow at the crack of dawn. She wants to talk to you guys. So, if you’re there, be sure to share your story with her — don’t be camera shy!

So, let’s have it. Give us your iPad story in the comments below, and share your photos of the long lines and even of you with your new iPad when you finally get it (click the +image button in the bottom left corner of Disqus).

Extra points* if you are the first to comment with a picture of yourself and your new iPad!

*Points do not actually get you anything. Just our "Oohs" and "Aahs." And the super cool ability to say "First!"

Mentioned apps

AppStart for iPad (2012 Edition)
AppStart for iPad (2012 Edition)

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