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AppAdvice Is Rewarding Our Most Active Facebook Fans With Exclusive Giveaways

AppAdvice Is Rewarding Our Most Active Facebook Fans With Exclusive Giveaways

April 29, 2012
We've totally revamped our Facebook page, so if you haven't been there recently, be sure to check it out and "like" our page. No more robotic RSS feed. I'll be moderating the site, visiting regularly to respond to readers and post all kinds of fun things. In addition to highlights from, I'll be posting comics, trivia, polls, and of course: Facebook exclusive giveaways! We want to create a fun and active community where readers can talk to us and to each other. Our biggest new feature is TGIF: Free App Friday. Each week, we'll be rewarding our most active Facebook fan with any app of his or her choosing, up to a $9.99 value. So, head over to Facebook and have fun with us! The more you "like" and comment on our posts, the better chance you have of winning the app of your choice. Now, some of you may not have or want Facebook. Have no fear! We will continue our many giveaways on the site and also be doing more on Twitter as well, so be sure to follow us there if you're a Twitter person. We won't neglect anyone! We are well aware that many AppAdvice readers (and a number of staffers as well) really just can't stand Facebook, or Twitter, and that's okay. Rest assured, nothing is changing or being taken away from AppAdvice; it will continue being just as awesome as always. Everything mentioned in this article is extra, a bonus if you will, for social networking fans. We want to give our readers lots of different options, so that there is something for everyone! In addition, we're now on Instagram, as @AppAdvice. If you're into Instagram, follow us there. We'll be posting behind the scenes glimpses of us at work, site highlights, and other fun stuff. So be sure to check us out there, too! So, "like" us on Facebook if you haven't already. Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell anyone who enjoys both Facebook and AppAdvice! Comment regularly, engage with us and with each other, and you just might be selected to win the app of your choice for this week's TGIF: Free App Friday! [gallery link="file"]

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