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BirthdayGram Adds More Personality To Your Facebook Birthday Greetings

BirthdayGram Adds More Personality To Your Facebook Birthday Greetings

April 15, 2012
Greeting a friend of yours on her birthday can be a really nice gesture, letting her know that you remember her special day and care enough to go out of your way and offer her your best wishes. It can also be an exercise in halfheartedness. You log in to Facebook, you see that your friend is celebrating her birthday today and, like clockwork, you go to her Wall and write a quick "happy birthday" note. BirthdayGram, the first app made by a small team of enthusiasts in the Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center, is geared towards straightening out this halfheartedness by getting rid of the extent of superficiality to which most birthday greetings on Facebook have come. BirthdayGram lets you add, or perhaps restore, a more personal touch to your birthday greetings on Facebook. Rather than merely writing a token "happy birthday" or, heaven forbid, "HB," on your friend's Facebook Wall, with BirthdayGram you can record a birthday greeting video and invite your friends to record their own, too. Of course, you and all parties involved need to be on Facebook to be able to take advantage of what BirthdayGram has to offer. Upon installing the app and connecting it with your Facebook account, you start by choosing a friend you want to greet and then recording a short video using your iPhone's front camera. Afterwards, the app generates a list of your mutual friends, from which you can select whom to invite to add their own birthday greeting videos. Your selected friends will be invited via a private Facebook Event, and a single video collecting all your greetings will be delivered to your friend on Facebook on her birthday. Surprise! You can see a sample BirthdayGram video below, in which a dog named Teddy joins Jane's friends in greeting her a happy birthday. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. BirthdayGram is available in the App Store for free. Are you enticed enough by its novelty to use it on your next Facebook birthday greeting?

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