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Mass Effect Infiltrator Gets 'Massive' Update, Including New Bonus Mission And New Aiming Mode

Mass Effect Infiltrator Gets 'Massive' Update, Including New Bonus Mission And New Aiming Mode

April 12, 2012
Coinciding with the major update of Infinity Blade II, another update for a notable, although relatively new, iOS game has been put into effect today. The game in question is Mass Effect Infiltrator, the companion mobile game for the hugely popular Mass Effect trilogy of console games. Mass Effect Infiltrator presents a storyline that runs parallel to that of Mass Effect 3, rather than being a direct extension thereof. It follows the exploits of Cerberus agent Randall Ezno, who is completely disillusioned with the company he's been working for upon learning of the horrible experiments being conducted by the head of the Cerberus facility. He then decides to resist authority and put an end to the madness lurking within. But to accomplish this, he must first fight against an army of Asari, Krogans, Droids, and Turians. In the latest version of Mass Effect Infiltrator, however, you also get to assume the role of a Turian in a new bonus mission. In the bonus mission, you need to control a Turian experiment victim and help him escape the medical bay by shooting anyone that gets in his way, not unlike how you control and help agent Randall Ezno in the game's regular missions. But perhaps the one change brought about by the update that is of most value to the overall Mass Effect Infiltrator experience is the manual aiming option. Manual aiming serves as an alternative to the default "tap to aim" shooting function, which is at best clumsy to carry out. To enable manual aiming, simply disable "tap to aim" in the game's options menu. And to properly use manual aiming while on a mission, tap on the right side of the screen to enter aim mode, continue tapping to fire, and then tap on the left to exit. Also in the updated Mass Effect Infiltrator, you get to receive bonus credits and increase your War Assets if you gain three stars at every mission checkpoint. In addition, after making a Paragon or Renegade decision, your facial scars and biotic colors will change to reflect the supposed virtue or viciousness of your choice. Fully optimized for the new iPad, but also compatible with the iPhone, Mass Effect Infiltrator is available in the App Store for $4.99. It drew some flak upon its release for apparently just piggybacking on a well-known brand, but disengaged from the Mass Effect canon, Mass Effect Infiltrator is actually a satisfactory iOS cover shooter. This "massive" (according to the developer) update makes the game even more so.

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