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One More Instagram Alternative

One More Instagram Alternative

April 10, 2012
Following my report earlier today on Instagram alternatives, I’ve been bombarded with suggestions from readers (and developers) to include apps that didn’t make my original list. One of these apps, Tracks, recently received an impressive update that is worth mentioning. First released in May, Tracks, like Everyme, lets users share photos privately. However, thanks to the app’s Version 1.9 release, users can now share videos too. Other new features include iOS 5 filters, beautiful animations, and push notifications. To get started, you’ll have to sign up for a free Tracks account. From there, posting photos and videos is as simple as taking them using your iPhone camera (or grabbing them from the Photos app) and then attaching them to one of your “Tracks.” Each track contains a unique social group, which you can organize from your Contacts app or added manually. Best of all, your contacts don’t actually have to use the app to benefit. For example, you may want to share videos from your most recent (or current) vacation with select friends. Likewise, photos from your Easter celebration may be marked for only family members. Other features include:
  • A selection of filters including Magic Hour, Sienna, Chaplin, Azure, 1920’s, Sherlock, Scarlet, Absinthe and Talbot
  • Multi-shot - take multiple pictures at once
  • Multi-select from camera roll
  • Manually adjust focus and exposure
  • Interactive track map
  • SMS Invites
  • Geotagging from camera roll
  • Newsfeed
  The free Tracks app definitely looks promising, especially with its video integration. Download it from the App Store.

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