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Robbery Bob Sneaking Into The App Store Soon

Robbery Bob Sneaking Into The App Store Soon

April 23, 2012
Back in February, the Sweden-based independent development company Level Eight teased their then new game in progress. Nothing much was shared about it save for a "coming soon" image containing the silhouettes of three police officers chasing a likely lawbreaker. Now, exact details about this mysterious game have emerged courtesy of its publisher, none other than iOS gaming giant Chillingo. The game is called Robbery Bob. As hinted by the aforementioned teaser image, Robbery Bob is a game about cops and a robber. And as indicated by the game's title, the robber is named Bob. Bob is heavily in debt, and he has decided to take the slippery path of a serial burglar in order to pay off his dues. Law-enforcing men in blue are constantly on his tail, though, giving rise to the game's main conflict. Robbery Bob is obviously a game of stealth, and it employs a top-down perspective of the cops-and-robber action. These two attributes of the game recall a recent release called MacGuffin's Curse. That game, published by Agopa Games, is also characterized by a combination of stealth-based gameplay and top-down graphics, except that its antihero is a werewolf trying to evade the authorities as he searches for the cure to his furry condition. Robbery Bob is coming to your iPhone and iPad soon, perhaps like a thief in the night.

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