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Survey: One-Third Of Teenagers Already Own An iPhone

Survey: One-Third Of Teenagers Already Own An iPhone

April 4, 2012
You won’t exactly be surprised, but it looks like teenagers are pining over iPhones and iPads just like mom and dad. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster issued a report yesterday on the firm’s survey of 5,600 U.S. teens. The survey found, 34 percent of high schoolers owned an iPhone, while 40 percent intended to purchase one in the next six months. The percentage of teenage iPhone owners rocketed up from 23 percent last fall and 17 percent just a year ago. Munster said the $99 iPhone 4 and free (after contract) iPhone 3GS are probably driving those numbers up. On the tablet side, things are also looking good for Apple, with teens very interested in purchasing an iPad. Thirty-four percent of the high schoolers already own some type of tablet, up from 29 percent last fall. The iPad accounts for 70 percent of those tablets. As far as the 19 percent of teens who are looking to purchase any tablet in the next six months, 80 percent of the those were eyeing the iPad. And just like with the iPhone, keeping lower-priced options is helping draw in price-conscious teenagers:
“We expect Apple to remain popular with younger users, which we believe could help establish a continually growing base of loyal users,” said Munster. “We believe that as Apple continues to discount prior model iPads (i.e. iPad 2 to $399) and eventually releases a smaller screen, lower priced iPad, iPad ownership will continue to rise.”
And if Apple can lock in today’s teenagers, the company can continue to have lifelong customers, which makes that $1 trillion market cap and $1,000 share price look not so impossible to reach. Is your teenager wanting an iPhone or iPad, or are they content borrowing your Apple device? (Source: AllThings D via Macgasm, image via Inhabitots)

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