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Take To The Skies In Real Life With Your Very Own Angry Birds Helicopter

Take To The Skies In Real Life With Your Very Own Angry Birds Helicopter

April 5, 2012
We've seen t-shirts, mugs, plushies, ringtones, and so much more Angry Birds branded toys and apparel. However, it's time to take to the skies in real life. I present to you the Angry Birds Helicopter! In a streak of red, white, and yellow, zoom around indoors and out with this propeller-equipped look-alike of the iconic red Angry Bird. Whether you seek out evil green pigs or just have fun messing with friends and pets, the Angry Birds Helicopter is sure to be on the wish list for fans both young and old. For better or worse, odd or not, the Angry Birds Helicopter isn't app-controlled. Instead, this custom chopper uses a traditional dual analog stick controller. In a matching red and white color theme, the controller allows forward, backward, left, right, and altitude control from up to 50 feet away. Additional features include three channel choices, permitting up to three Angry Birds Helicopters to be flown in the same area simultaneously, and a built-in charge cable. Offering the ability to charge the Angry Birds Helicopter via the controller's six AA batteries makes it possible to continue playing when you're a long way away from a USB host device. The Angry Birds Helicopter is nearly eight inches in diameter, powered by a lithium-polymer battery pack, and uses a twin blade propulsion system. Flight times average 10 minutes, and a full recharge requires about 40 minutes of downtime. The package includes the following items:
  • Angry Birds Helicopter (100% Assembled)
  • Controller (with built-in charge cable)
  • Spare Rotor Blades (2x)
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  The Angry Birds Helicopter is available through for $49.95. Six AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries are required for the controller and a computer with USB ports or a USB device charger are required to recharge the helicopter.

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