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TuneUp Mobile Is Like Shazam, Except That It's Both Free And Ad-Free

TuneUp Mobile Is Like Shazam, Except That It's Both Free And Ad-Free

April 20, 2012
TuneUp Mobile is a new app that enables you to identify songs by letting it "listen" to them. You might be thinking, "Been there, done that." You can argue that while the app itself is new, what it does is anything but. With apps like Shazam and SoundHound already dominating the song tagging field, it appears that TuneUp Mobile is late to the party. But TuneUp Mobile, even in its infancy, can already claim to be a cut above the rest simply on account of its being both free and ad-free. Unlike the free versions of Shazam, SoundHound, and other similar apps, TuneUp Mobile has no banner ads. Furthermore, it allows for unlimited song tagging. To tag a song, whether it's one you're not familiar with or one you'd like to document for some reason, just launch TuneUp Mobile and tap "Listen." The app then picks up the song in all of five seconds and processes it for identification. Once the song is identified, you can view its title, artist, album art, and even its lyrics, along with its geotag. You can also tap a link to buy the song on iTunes or share it on Twitter and Facebook. TuneUp Mobile is the mobile companion app for TuneUp, the popular desktop app that is, in turn, a companion app for iTunes. TuneUp is an iTunes plugin that can "automagically" clean up your music library by fixing wrong song details, removing duplicate songs, and filling in missing album art, among other programmed tasks. TuneUp Mobile actually includes a diagnostic page, in which the anomalies in your iPhone's music library are analyzed and displayed. The app then recommends getting rid of them with TuneUp for desktop. You can say that TuneUp Mobile is not entirely ad-free, as it is clearly a promotional tool for its parent app, TuneUp. TuneUp Mobile is available now in the App Store for free, (sort of) ad-free.

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