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Angry Birds Space Transports You To Utopia With Latest Update

Angry Birds Space Transports You To Utopia With Latest Update

May 31, 2012
There's just no stopping the mobile entertainment juggernaut that is Rovio. No, you're not about to read another bit of news about the now famous Finnish company's plans to, I don't know, launch a jewelry line or a series of special edition credit cards. Mercifully, Rovio is keeping itself grounded this time around even as it has released another update to its heavenly body of a game, Angry Birds Space. The previous update to Angry Birds Space introduced a new multilevel planet called Fry Me to the Moon. Alongside Fry Me to the Moon, a "coming soon" planet was also included in the update. This upcoming planet bore the teasing image of one of the game's greedy, green pigs munching on a donut. Pink, glazed, and sprinkled, the donut curiously resembled Homer Simpson's favorite comfort food. Could it be that the Simpsons would soon cross over to outer space to play with the intergalactic Angry Birds? Apparently, the answer is no, as evidenced by the game's latest update. The new, fresh-out-the-oven version of Angry Birds Space reveals that the donut-shaped planet is in fact a high-sugar and high-carb multilevel planet called Utopia. As the update's release notes thrillingly, er, notes:
Welcome to the delicious food planet of Utopia! These 10 delectable new levels filled with popcorn, cookies, and candy apples are good enough to eat — at least the pigs think so!

Munch your way through 10 tasty new levels!
Bounce birds off jelly trampolines!
Pop corn to create delicious mayhem!
D'oh! The Utopian new versions of Angry Birds Space for iPhone and Angry Birds Space HD for iPad are available in the App Store for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively.

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