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Jailbreak Only: Unfold - Fold-To-Unlock Concept Comes To Life

Jailbreak Only: Unfold - Fold-To-Unlock Concept Comes To Life

May 24, 2012
Just over a week ago, a great iOS concept hit the Web: fold-to-unlock, created by @AntonKudin, showed how an "unfolding" animation would lend itself perfectly to Apple's slide-to-unlock mechanism in the iOS. At the time, while calling for Apple to implement the feature in iOS 6 (a somewhat unrealistic proposition, one might add), I also speculated that the concept was exactly the kind of thing a savvy jailbreak developer would adopt, develop and release. And I was right. Unfold is a new jailbreak tweak that promises to bring the fold-to-unlock concept to life - and this is exactly what it does. Once downloaded and installed, users can literally "unfold" to unlock their iPhone handset's screen: as in the original concept, the Lock screen crumbles away like a piece of folding paper, in an animation that looks downright fantastic. Also fantastic is the jailbreak tweak's price - it's available for free in the Cydia Store (via the BigBoss repository). Below, we've included a video walkthrough of Unlock in action - check it out, and let us know in the comments if you decide to download this brilliant jailbreak tweak yourself. Enjoy!

Source: JailbreakNation

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