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Saturday Morning RPG Wakes Up To First Ever Update - And It's Huge

Saturday Morning RPG Wakes Up To First Ever Update - And It's Huge

May 9, 2012
Released a little over a month ago, Saturday Morning RPG has today received its first ever update. The game is now firmly set at version 1.01. But seeing the long list of changes contained in the update, you have to wonder whether it shouldn't be version 1.1 instead. Saturday Morning RPG is a Japanese-style iOS RPG that draws tremendously on popular Saturday morning cartoons and classic movies from the '80s. As such, it is bursting at the seams with pop culture references. You need only learn of the name of the game's main character to know that Saturday Morning RPG is one big nostalgia trip: Martin "Marty" Michael Hall. Endowed with the ability to perform magic using everyday objects, Marty has taken it upon himself to save the world from the evil Commander Hood and other similarly evil enemies. The 1.01 update to Saturday Morning RPG carries out some balancing on some of the enemies, namely, Skeleboar, Lizard Wizards, and Commander Hood himself. As outlined in the game's changelog: "Lizard Wizards now have significantly less health," "Skeleboar's heal frequency is lowered," and "Commander Hood's armor frequency is lowered." Other significant improvements among the update's myriad changes are the option to make the joystick conveniently stationary, the choice to resume episode from tapes, and the ability to return to the overworld following a mission gone haywire. Also included are three different power charging methods. Saturday Morning RPG is notably an episodic game. The game is available in the App Store for free, with the first episode also readily playable at no cost. Each succeeding episode, including the already available second episode, may be accessed via a $1.99 in-app purchase. Are you a proud '80s kid? If so, you'll find plenty to be hooked on in Saturday Morning RPG. The game is also rather fun otherwise.

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