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SketchBook Pro For iPad Improves Color Palette, Adds Palm Rest For Your iCanvas

SketchBook Pro For iPad Improves Color Palette, Adds Palm Rest For Your iCanvas

May 15, 2012
Based on its similarly named counterpart software for Mac and PC, SketchBook Pro for iPad is a sketching app that's packed with lots of features optimized for the screen of Apple's bestselling tablet. These features make drawing on the iPad's spacious touchscreen mightily manageable and, if you're really good, remarkably rewarding. And it should be even more so following the app's recent update. One of the biggest selling points of SketchBook Pro is its support for a variety of brushes and other types of drawing tips. Another is its high level of color customization. Together, these two features allow for all but unhindered artistic expression. The latest update to SketchBook Pro widens the latitude of such an expression with the ability to randomize color for each stroke. Now, you can adjust an individual stroke's hue, saturation, and brightness independent of one another. In addition, the update's improved color palette lets you easily access the color editor and color picker. The update also adds a palm rest, which has long been an accessory in other sketching apps, and implements the default loading of all brush sets. Listed as a notable app in AppAdvice's "Drawing With Your iPad" AppGuide and included in Apple's "iPad in Business" microsite, SketchBook Pro for iPad is available in the App Store for $4.99. It's a favorite among many iPad-wielding sketchers, professionals and amateurs alike. Are you one of them?

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