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And So The Apple-Proview iPad Trademark Dispute Continues

And So The Apple-Proview iPad Trademark Dispute Continues

June 15, 2012
Since February, a Chinese company called Proview has been at war with Apple regarding the Cupertino, CA company's use of the worldwide "iPad" trademark. Now, we're hearing that a Chinese court has postponed ruling on the case until the two companies have completed court-sponsored mediation, according to Apple Insider. The news of Proview's anger at Apple's use of the "iPad" trademark first hit the Web in February, with the Chinese company claiming that Apple had unfairly acquired the worldwide rights to the trademark for $55,000. And though Apple has reportedly offered to settle with Proview in an attempt to sweep the matter briskly under the carpet, it would appear that - as of this moment - the Chinese company hasn't accepted any offer made by the iPhone-making tech giant. Now, Apple Insider - citing a report from Bloomberg - has noted that:
[a] Chinese court will postpone a ruling for an Apple appeal of a previous decision that denied the company of the iPad name, saying that the iPhone maker must first finish court-sponsored talks with Proview Technology.
Though Chinese courts would usually issue such a ruling within a three-month period, "that time frame has been thrown out the window because Apple and Proview have yet to wrap up cases in other jurisdictions," the website adds. A Proview lawyer also commented on the situation, stating that - with regards to the mediation - "there is no time frame." Recently, an attempt made by Proview to ban the use of the trademark in the state of California was swiftly thrown out of court. It would now appear that the Apple-Proview dispute is going to continue for a while longer in the hope that some kind of settlement can be reached. If any more news regarding this case hits the Web, we'll be sure to let you know. Source: Bloomberg Via: Apple Insider

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