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Apple Rumored To Give New iPad An Even Newer Screen This Summer

Apple Rumored To Give New iPad An Even Newer Screen This Summer

June 29, 2012
Just like last year (and just like clockwork), rumors are swirling about a revamped iPad set to launch this summer. According to the less-than-trustworthy DigiTimes, Apple will be putting out an IGZO-based iPad in a few short months, as Sharp is finally pumping out the next-gen panels at a fast enough (and reliable enough) clip to satisfy Cook and company. From DigiTimes:
Apple is reportedly set to launch an upgraded 9.7-inch iPad in the summer of this year with the device shipment volumes expected to increase starting September, according to a Chinese-language Apple Daily report citing sources from market watchers. ... The upgraded iPad is said to feature indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) panel technology to allow the device to feature an even thinner design and longer battery life. Panel supply will be shifted from Samsung to Sharp, the paper noted.
While most of that sounds true enough, the timing is all wrong. Indeed, there is little doubt that Apple will turn to Sharp's more advanced and efficient IGZO panels for future iPad releases, but not just yet. Apple has proved over and over that it follows a yearly release cycle for flagship refreshes (the late iPhone 4S notwithstanding), and the Cupertino company is unlikely to pull that rug out from under its loyal customers unless it absolutely has to. In the case of the new iPad, it absolutely doesn't. Source: DigiTimes

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