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Dolphin Browser For iPhone And iPad Updated With Loads Of New Features

Dolphin Browser For iPhone And iPad Updated With Loads Of New Features

June 14, 2012
Just a couple of weeks after updating the iPad version of its flagship app, MoboTap has now released another update to Dolphin Browser for iPad. What's more, it has also sent out a separate but similar update to Dolphin Browser for iPhone. Some of the changes implemented in the latest iteration of Dolphin Browser for iPhone are carryovers from the previous update to its iPad counterpart. These are password saving, autocomplete, and Dolphin Connect. Password saving, of course, pertains to the app's ability to store your login credentials for certain sites. Autocomplete enables the app to remember your browsing history, bookmarks, and searches, thereby facilitating URL and keyword typing. And Dolphin Connect lets you sync your bookmarks across all your devices. More changes common to both versions of Dolphin Browser are brought by their respective updates today. Password saving has been improved, so that you can specify which passwords you wish to be remembered. Exporting of your Dolphin downloads is also now possible via iTunes Share. In addition, instructions for Gesture are no longer shown beyond their second appearance and the "Rate us" pop-up is displayed only by the second time you open Dolphin. An improvement exclusive to the iPhone version is support for other languages for search using Dolphin Sonar. And on the iPad version only, the keyboard is hidden upon tapping a blank area of the screen. This twofold treat from MoboTap no doubt makes Dolphin Browser an even better Safari alternative. But I'd still like to see Dolphin Sonar make its way to the iPad version, too. And add full Retina display support in there for good measure. Both versions of Dolphin Browser are available in the App Store for free. Between this third-party app and Apple's very own Safari, what's your preferred browser for your iPhone and iPad?

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