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Duel Of Fate: The Power Lies In Your Hands

Duel Of Fate: The Power Lies In Your Hands

June 7, 2012
Games on iOS are starting to become known for their beautiful visuals, thanks in part to titles like Infinity Blade II. Trading card games, such as Shadow Era, prove that visuals aren't everything. This game has attracted a huge audience.  An audience Gamevil is hoping to get their hands on with the release of their new title, Duel of Fate. The developer has created a short teaser trailer for the game, introducing you to the basics of the game: If you cannot view the embedded video above, it is also available here. Duel of Fate is a tactical card game, from the creators of the Zenonia series and Punch Hero, available now for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. According to the game's App Store description, the game features:
  • Tactical Card Combat
  • Make smart moves as your choose which monster card is best fit for the fight
  • Global multiplayer mode
  • Battle other gamers and their avatars from all over the world in Multiplayer Mode
  • Endless variations of monster and item cards
  • Collect and upgrade a wide array of monster cards; use item cards to aid you in battle
  • Intense action animations
  • Watch the cards come alive as they go face to face in action
Duel of Fate takes the standard trading card game format, popularized on iOS by Shadow Era, and really enhances it. The short action sequences in the fights add a nice and welcome change of pace. The game is universal and free to download. There are, as always seems to be the case with free games now, plenty of in-app purchases designed to part you from your hard earned cash. Games of this type are, in my opinion, an acquired taste. If you are a fan of the genre you will really enjoy Duel of Fate. Being free, however, there is nothing stopping you from downloading the game and giving it a try!

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