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Here's Another App Store Scam: Microsoft Word 2012

Here's Another App Store Scam: Microsoft Word 2012

June 17, 2012
Yesterday, we told you about a "Cydia" app that appeared in the iOS App Store, which turned out to be nothing more than a ridiculous snake game. Now, another App Store scammer has come to our attention: a universal iOS app called "Microsoft Word 2012" (developed by Super Racing Real Games) can be downloaded for $9.99 in the iOS App Store, but the app itself certainly isn't developed by Microsoft, and isn't an official "port" of the company's popular document-editing program. Instead, "Microsoft Word 2012" is an App Store scammer. Read on, and whatever you do, be sure not to download the app thinking it's an official iOS version of Microsoft Word - because that's not going to launch until November. First up, the application's description in the App Store is particularly bland and void of detail, noting that the app simply includes:
All features of the MAC version on your device. Intuitive navigation and familiar interface.
This is always a suspicious sign. Furthermore, the support webpage for the application directs users to, rather than to a webpage that displays legitimate support information on the app in question. Like yesterday's case, this app's developer has managed to shoehorn a familiar product name into its iOS app submission in the hope of attracting purchases and downloads. However, unlike yesterday's case, "Microsoft Word 2012" is ten times more expensive than yesterday's $0.99 fake "Cydia" app. It's likely that Apple will remove this app - "Microsoft Word 2012" - from the App Store in the immediate future. Don't waste $9.99 on this fake application in the meantime, and instead let us know in the comments if you've come across an App Store scammer that we haven't posted on. Source: iTunes App Store (Microsoft Word 2012) Via: ThanksĀ Brendan for the tip!

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