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Readmill Introduces Cloud-Based Library And New Export Option

Readmill Introduces Cloud-Based Library And New Export Option

June 13, 2012
Last month, Readmill pushed an update to its official iPad app that introduced a few key features, not the least of which is Retina iPad support. This month, the Berlin-based startup has once again updated its app to take advantage of a promising new feature that's likely to send tech-savvy readers onto cloud nine. The latest version of Readmill introduces Library, its new cloud-based storage service for e-books. Similar in function to Amazon Cloud Drive and Apple's iCloud, Readmill's Library lets you upload your e-books to the cloud, provided that they're in DRM-free ePub format. Once saved in Library, your e-books are readily available to download and read on Readmill for iPad. Of course, all books in the cloud, including the highlights you make within them, are synced between Library and the iPad app. Also launched by Readmill alongside Library is its new Send to Readmill feature. Send to Readmill enables seamless transfer of e-books purchased from partner retailers to Library with just one click. This feature seeks to match the buy-and-read logistical simplicity experienced when buying books from Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. At launch, Send to Readmill is already supported by six major independent stores, namely, Bibliocrunch,, Jottify, Leanpub, OR Books, and Publit. In addition, Readability's new e-book project, Readlists, now has a Send to Readmill link among its export options. Complete with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and native commenting integration, Readmill for iPad is available in the App Store for free. Update or download the app now and make reading as a solitary vice a thing of the past.

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