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Zynga Announces Cross-Platform Gaming Network

Zynga Announces Cross-Platform Gaming Network

June 26, 2012
Looking to bring together the more than 290 million people per month who play its titles, Zynga has announced a cross-platform gaming network, according to AllThingsD. Unveiled at the company’s Zynga Unleashed event in San Francisco, Zynga with Friends is looking to unify players from the Web, iOS, Android, Facebook, and Google+.
“The social engagement across our network is industry leading, but it’s also fragmented,” said Manuel Bronstein, Zynga general manager.
The hub of the platform will be the Zynga message center found on the company’s website and Facebook that contains a list of friends, an activity feed, and a list of game suggestions based on what you are already playing. Zynga believes the addition of more social features should increase engagement. And that’s something the company desperately needs in light of a huge number of players straying from games like Draw Something. I think the most exciting feature of Zynga with Friends is the new real-time multiplayer feature that will allow simultaneous play across different platforms. That definitely beats waiting for your friends to take their turn. No other details about Zygna with Friends was mentioned, and its exact rollout date is still to be announced. We’ll keep you posted with any other news we hear. Source: AllThingsD

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