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Chrome Takes Its First Bite Out Of iOS Browser Usage

Chrome Takes Its First Bite Out Of iOS Browser Usage

July 18, 2012

Last month, Google’s much loved browser finally came to iOS.

Just three short weeks later, Chrome has claimed 1.5 percent of iOS browser usage, according to data from Chitika.

It looks minuscule, right? First of all, we must take into consideration the art of native apps: Apple is really smart about their native apps always being the default. That being said, this tiny percentage of growth is actually pretty massive — especially if it continues to rise at the same rate.

I bet those numbers would be far greater if non-jailbreak users could choose their default browser, though.

I am curious, however, to see how Chrome for iOS does over the next few months. Safari could use some upgrades on all platforms, and Chrome is already the top browser on non-mobile devices. And with the excellent syncing between the iOS app and the desktop app, desktop Chrome users are already preferring the iOS version over mobile Safari.

Personally, though, I’m still using Safari. I’m a sucker for the native functionality. What about you?

Source: Chitika Via: TechCrunch

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