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Cut The Rope: Experiments For iPhone, iPad Updated - Adds Superpowers

Cut The Rope: Experiments For iPhone, iPad Updated - Adds Superpowers

July 8, 2012
Both Cut the Rope: Experiments (for the iPhone and iPod touch) and Cut the Rope: Experiments HD (for the iPad) have received updates to version 1.4. Now, fans of the popular applications can take advantage of all-new in-app purchasable "superpowers" while playing, which allow players to pass tough levels quickly and easily. As outlined in the release notes for both apps:
New Superpowers help players beat the toughest levels and play the game in brand new ways! Use Telekinesis to control the candy, make it unbreakable and collect hidden stars to unlock new levels faster!
Just like Angry Birds' Mighty Eagle, the "superpowers" - which can be purchased in-app for as little as $0.99 - allow players to effectively skip past a level that's been causing trouble. Parents should beware, however, as in-app purchases in the hands of unknowing children can rack up a big iTunes bill. If you're worried about this, be sure to switch them off in the Settings app. Currently, Cut the Rope: Experiments is available for $0.99, and Cut the Rope: Experiments HD can be downloaded for $1.99. Check out the new updates now, and if you want to find out more about the application, take a look at our original review.

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