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Feel The Gold Rush In New Side-Scrolling Endless Runner Canyon Rush

Feel The Gold Rush In New Side-Scrolling Endless Runner Canyon Rush

July 21, 2012
Tired of running around temples or joyriding with jetpacks? Then why not try rushing over canyons instead? That's right, we have another endless runner to get potentially addicted to. Released recently by Up U Go! developer Onkaworks, Canyon Rush has you exploring the great outdoors by making a go for it gorge after dangerous gorge. Unlike Temple Run, Canyon Rush is not a behind-the-back runner. And unlike Jetpack Joyride, it does not involve a single plane of depth. Canyon Rush is basically a 2-D side-scrolling endless runner with a bit of 3-D trappings. You see, in Canyon Rush, you have to jump from cliff to cliff not only along the horizontal axis but also along the vertical. You do the former by swiping the screen from left to right and you do the latter by swiping up or down. The game's touch controls are easy enough to master. But, having played numerous rounds of Madcoaster, I often find myself mistakenly tapping the screen instead of swiping it to do a forward jump. And often the result of such a slip of the finger is game-over death. A missed jump in Canyon Rush sends you falling to the rocky abyss or causes you to get poisoned by a critter along the way. Fortunately, you can be saved from both. There's the Saving Bird Call, which can rescue you from a deadly fall. There's also the Critter Antidote, which can help you recover from a snake bite or a scorpion sting. Better yet, just use the Critter Beater to do exactly what its name says, so you won't have to get bitten or stung. All three power-ups can be purchased in the Canyon Store using the gold you gather along the way. You didn't think this endless runner is not concerned with collecting something of value, did you? Optimized with Retina graphics for iPhone, Canyon Rush is available now in the App Store for free. Will you be falling for Canyon Rush?

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