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GameDock Turns Your iDevice Into A Retro Gaming Console

GameDock Turns Your iDevice Into A Retro Gaming Console

July 6, 2012
The Internet has been abuzz lately with iOS gaming peripherals. First, the iCade Mobile finally launched, providing tactile buttons for iOS gaming. Then the iMpulse Controller crept its way into the spotlight, offering the little more functionality than the iCade Mobile with a lower price. Finally, a Kickstarter project called the GameDock aims to take things to an entirely new level. The GameDock turns your iDevice into a retro-game console. Literally. You just dock your device (like a game cartridge), then connect the GameDock to your HDMI-enabled television, and start gaming with the NES-style controller. Here's a video of the GameDock in action: GameDock will support the same games as the iCade, as well as dock-ready games that feature two-player support and 1080p HD output. The two man team behind GameDock has also created a dashboard app that allows you to select and play games using a Bluetooth connection between included controller and the GameDock. You don't need a television to enjoy the GameDock, but the experience will be limited to your iDevice's screen without one. The team has responded to questions about the GameDock's compatibility with the next generation iPhone's dock connector:
We are aware of this and believe Apple will release an adapter for compatibility with previous devices and accessories. We will make sure that the final design and such an adapter fit together.
A pledge of $150 will get you a GameDock, two retro USB controllers, and an HDMI AV adapter. The GameDock has over a month left to try and raise $50,000 to meet production values. The price seems a bit steep to me, especially for one controller, but what do you think? Update: Each $150 pledge comes with two USB controllers.  

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