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ISO500 Gets A Huge Facelift And Highly Anticipated New Features In 2.0 Update

ISO500 Gets A Huge Facelift And Highly Anticipated New Features In 2.0 Update

July 10, 2012

Have you grown tired of Flickr for your photography needs? If so, then you’ll want to give 500px a try. Of course, you’ll probably want an iPhone app to go with that, right? Then just-updated ISO500 deserves your attention.

While the app was already one of the best looking there was, now it has a much cleaner and simpler interface, with a newly designed menu button. There is now also Search, in case you want to browse for specific photos. You can even filter photos by category.

One of the biggest changes in ISO500, though, is the new in-app purchase. This will unlock premium features, including the much-wanted upload feature. Additionally, the premium unlock will give you the ability to browse ISO500 offline, Instagram sharing, and even saving photos to your Camera Roll. If you want these abilities, it will only cost you $1.99, which isn’t too bad, considering that you get most of the app for free.

I enjoy browsing 500px when I am able to pass some time, and this new interface works great. I also think being able to search is a huge plus, because now you can find beautiful photos of whatever it is you may want.

The full changelog of ISO500 2.0:

- Premium features (unlocked with in-app purchase) : Upload, Offline browsing, Instagram sharing, saving photos to the camera library

- Search for users and photos

- Filter photos by category

- Performance optimization and bug fixes

- New Icon

- Brand new user interface

What’s your favorite photo hosting service? Will you be getting these new, premium features in ISO500?

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