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Life As We Know It May Be Over, But Who Knew The End Would Be So Much Fun

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TheEndApp (Free) by Goroid takes the path-driven endless running gameplay of Temple Run, and applies a fresh new post-apocalyptic spin.

Ever since the insane explosion of Temple Run's popularity, there have been loads of spin-offs, some of which have been pretty good. Notable titles have been Imangi's own Temple Run: Brave, and Kiloo's Subway Surfers. While these titles all added something new to the genre, I think it is safe to say that TheEndApp takes everything to a whole new level.

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TheEndApp places you in the midst of a total world breakdown. Fire is spewing everywhere, and lava is seeping along the roads. What's more, valuable rolls of duct tape line the streets, and it is essential for you to collect every last bit.

In case you somehow haven't played any of the Temple Run-style games, lets cover the basic gameplay. The player is always running forward, you can tilt to move side to side, swipe up or down to jump or slide, and you can swipe left or right to turn. While you are running, you'll face buildings, cars, lava pits, and pipes that you will need to jump over or slide under. Hit an obstacle, and it's game over.

A unique aspect that is introduced in TheEndApp is the health bar. Your player actually has some health, and you can take up to six non-fatal hits before really biting the dust. Obstacles like fire, lava, and some cars won't kill you in one hit, but if you smack into a wall, or ram into a semi-truck, there won't be any coming back.

Actually, I lied there. There is a power-up that allows you to come back from the dead. Power-ups range from headstart boosts and health packs, to lucky coins (50/50 chance of revival) and shields. One really cool power-up is the movie mode which gives you a preview of the next 200 meters. All of these boosts and power-ups can be purchased with the duct tape that you collect on runs.

TheEndApp by Goroid screenshot

Another aspect that sets TheEndApp apart from other endless runners is that it gives you the option to play mission-based levels, or just go freerunning. The mission mode features 14 days, each with five unique missions to complete. These missions range from collecting a certain amount of duct tape, to avoiding duct tape for a certain distance.

With its endless freerunning mode, TheEndApp has plenty of replay value. However, Goroid implemented a booster system that provides some incentive to complete achievements. Basically, when you complete an achievement, you increase your booster, which in turn boosts your score. This will definitely help you make your way up the Game Center leaderboards in the long run.

Considering the large number of Temple Run spin-offs that have spawned on the App Store, it is nice to see that some developers know how to put their own spin on things. TheEndApp might play similarly to Temple Run, but this is a new beast of its own. If you think you can survive the end, give TheEndApp a try. Once you get on an endless running craze, make sure to browse through our guide of endless running games.

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Life As We Know It May Be Over, But Who Knew The End Would Be So Much Fun

Life As We Know It May Be Over, But Who Knew The End Would Be So Much Fun