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Nexus 7 Retailers Report Rapid Sales, Widespread Sellouts

Nexus 7 Retailers Report Rapid Sales, Widespread Sellouts

July 14, 2012
It appears that Google finally has a hardware hit on its hands. According to Reuters, the company's Nexus 7 tablet is selling briskly -- and selling out! -- across the land:
GameStop said on Friday it had already run through its first two allocations of the tablet... Sam’s Club, the warehouse chain owned by Wal-Mart Stores Inc, and Staples listed the device as being out of stock on their websites as of Friday. Office Depot’s website continued to offer the device for sale as of the afternoon.
Naturally, none of the retailers are sharing any hard data about the official number of Nexus 7 tablets sold, and while Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt cites "immense demand" for the diminutive slate, it's probably not too early to say said demand is orders of magnitude lower than Apple currently enjoys with its iPad. Still, these purportedly encouraging numbers -- if they're ever actually released (Kindle Fire, anyone?) -- could prove that there's enough customer call for a 7-inch tablet to convince Apple to double down on its own rumored iPad mini efforts. Of course, the iPad mini isn't really a 7-inch tablet, is it? Enjoy your day in the sun, Google. You've got about four months. Source: Reuters Via: iDownloadBlog

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