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Octopus Keyboard Jailbreak Tweak Now Available To Download

Octopus Keyboard Jailbreak Tweak Now Available To Download

July 4, 2012
It's been a long time coming, but Octopus Keyboard - a jailbreak tweak that imitates the BlackBerry 10 keyboard on iOS - is now available to download in the Cydia Store, according to iDownloadBlog. The tweak promises to make typing on the iPhone's virtual keyboard much easier. Once downloaded and installed, when typing a word Octopus Keyboard will display a word-suggestion above the next key it anticipates you typing. If you swipe up on said key, the anticipated word will be inserted into the text field, meaning you don't have to type out the remaining characters. For a better idea of how Octopus Keyboard works, be sure to take a look at the below video. In order to download and use the tweak, users are going to have to spend $4.99 for a license - though if you hold out a little longer, a demo version of Octopus Keyboard is expected to launch in the near future. Furthermore, though the tweak is expected to become available via the BigBoss repository very soon, if Octopus Keyboard isn't appearing in the Cydia app when you search for it, be sure to add this alternate repository to your list of sources: "" Take a look at Octopus Keyboard now, and let us know if you decide to purchase the tweak in the comments!

(Click here for the above video.)

Source: iDownloadBlog

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