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ParaNorman: 2-Bit Bub Is Not Your Normal Action Puzzler

July 26, 2012
The search for the best game about a bisected ghost-dog is officially over. It's over even before it began. That's because the one and only game about the one and only 2-Bit Bub is now in our midst. Irony of ironies, Bub was run over by an animal rescue van. His tragic death caused his body to be split into two bits connected precariously by ectoplasm. Bub is only a minor character in "ParaNorman," the upcoming stop-motion zombie movie from "Coraline" maker LAIKA. But in ParaNorman: 2-Bit Bub, the movie's official tie-in game for iOS, Bub is the star, albeit a supernatural one. ParaNorman: 2-Bit Bub has you helping the title canine character as he retrieves all of the pieces of human skeleton he has lost. You see, even in the afterlife, Bub likes to play with bones. As it happens, most of the bones he has played with, and lost, belong to the zombies in the graveyard. Now, Bub must collect every lost bone before sunset, whereupon the dismembered zombies are set to rise. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. In ParaNorman: 2-Bit Bub, you have to slingshot Bub toward floating ghostly orbs. These orbs effectively serve as stepping stones for Bub to ultimately reach the bone in each level and collect stars along the way. As you progress in the game, you can unlock and share zombie posters on Facebook or Twitter as well as earn dog tags signifying your Game Center achievements. In addition, you can be notified of new and exclusive "ParaNorman" content. "ParaNorman" opens in theaters on August 17, but ParaNorman: 2-Bit Bub is already available in the App Store for free. The game is designed for both iPhone and iPad, and it looks especially good on iOS devices with Retina display. "We’ve taken a category dominated by cartoon graphics and made something else work there," said renowned game designer Graeme Devine, who co-developed ParaNorman: 2-Bit Bub with LAIKA. "Something so incredibly gorgeous and complete that the other games look like, well, last-generation mobile games."

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