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Physics Based Puzzle Games

There are tons of puzzle games in the App Store, so this category was worth splitting in a few ways. Physics Based puzzles are special thinking types of puzzles where you have to use various laws of physics to solve puzzles. Many require moving an object from point a to point b through various means. The category also includes structure building and ragdoll physics. Find out the best.

Essential Apps

iBlast Moki

by Godzilab

iBlast Moki is the best Physics based puzzle game in the App Store easily. The combination of cute mokis and explosions is great. What's really neat is that there are seven worlds with 12 levels per, and now two levels play the same. You need to calculate how much force to apply to the mokis. As you progress new obstacles are in your way, and you have to time your blasts. Also new items are introduced like rope, metal bars and balloons to be able to make it over gaps. Plus+ too for online high scores and achievements. A new update includes 15 more difficult levels with a doodle theme. If you want physics based puzzle, it's all about Moki.

JellyCar 2

by Disney

Puzzle game for sure, but not exactly sure how to classify it. It has jelly physics where the car as well as the environment is all jelly. Every level requires you to use that jelliness to your advantage to get through obstacles, and make it across moving platforms. Some times you need to enlarge the car while others you need sticky wheels or balloons. Almost every time you'll need to bounce to the finish line. A huge upgrade to the free original highlighted by three gameplay modes giving you much more to do, and a level editor. Jelly physics is just slightly behind iBlast Moki, but is still an essential game.

Notable Apps

Implode! XL

by IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc.

Blow up various block based structures using precision bomb placement. Not only do you have to blow up the building, but also to such a degree that all the pieces lie below the target line. Every level is graded, and with recent updates there are now ninety levels to play. Online high scores are also included. Another recent update saves the bomb state for quick replays with slight adjustments. Some levels also require not letting any pieces of the structure to touch other buildings adding to the challenge. Becoming a demolition expert has never been so much fun. Great physics puzzler that only just sits behind iBlast Moki and Jelly Car 2 as those have slightly more variability.

Enigmo 2

by Pangea Software, Inc.

Enigmo 2 is a 3D version of one of the original App Store hits. Manipulate water drops, lasers, and space materials in 3D space. The controls are well thought out to be able to maneuver well in the 3D environment to just be able to be concerned with the puzzles. A very complex physics based puzzle game where you need to add all sorts of deflectors to move the element from point A to Point B through various obstacles as well. 50 deluxe levels are included making it well worth your money. Not quite as fun as the few games listed above.

Touch Physics 2

by Gamez 4 Touch

Crayon physics type game where you draw shapes on screen to propel a circle at one end to a star at the other end. 50 levels are included with various backgrounds, and the platforms in the levels are based on the backgrounds. Draw whatever shape you need to move the circle through all kinds of predicaments. Great physics engine, and nice and complex levels that can be solved numerous ways. The only thing keeping it from ranked higher is that once you finish the 50 levels there is no replayability. Luckily that will take quite awhile.

Tiki Towers

by GameHouse

Structure building game where you need to construct a stable enough structure for five monkeys to make it from point A to point B. What makes this game so good is the complexity needed of the structures. Each and everyone needs to well built to handle multiple monkeys swinging on them. Also the levels have bananas placed that are in harder to reach locations. You need to build the structures to the bananas to perfect a level. Four environments included that change the techniques required. The best of it's kind in the App Store, but does sit behind some other physics based puzzle games.

Fantastic Contraption™

by inXile Entertainment

An exact port of the flash game where you make contraptions to propel an object from point A to Point B (as is the case in many physics based games). Add varying wheels and multiple types of supports to propel a shape through increasingly complex courses. This is definitely one of the most challenging on here as the shape needs to ride on the contraption or be dragged along as you climb up stair like objects, or over balls and other types of things to interrupt your progress. Just a port with nothing special for the iPhone keeps it ranked where it is.

Stair Dismount Universal

by Secret Exit Ltd.

The best ragdoll game in the App Store from the developers of Zen Bound. push the ragdoll down 9 types of structures with most of them stair types. A recent update added OpenFeint for high score tables to make it more a game than just a physics toy. The best ragdoll physics animations, and perfect bone crunching sounds to go with it. Doesn't compete witht he best games in the category, but if you want ragdoll pain this is the choice.



Structure building game like World of Goo. Make structures stable enough to hold in the moonlight for five seconds. Many different kinds of levels requiring multiple methods. A recent update added a whole new world, and forty more levels. Overall just not quite as fun or enjoyable as Tiki Towers, but still a great game in the genre.

Decent Apps

Smashed (Full)

by Hackdirt Ltd

Definitely a unique physics puzzle that requires you to tap to break down all kinds of objects. Blasting wood into splitters, blow rocks into pebbles, and then using all kinds of level specific tools including gears and grinders. A little story is included as well which is definitely unique. The neatest thing is the you see the extensive 2.5D physics happen right before your eyes. 60 levels are included, but most don't challenge you enough. A beautiful physics engine without the wonderful challenge the category is known for. Smashed is really good, but it sits slightly behind the essential category as it's much too easy until your near the end. The competition is just to good.

Ragdoll Blaster - A Physics Puzzler

by Backflip Studios

Fire ragdolls from Point A to Point B. Blast them through multiple increasingly difficult obstacles. Most levels require using some just to move the obstacles out of the way. It has really basic design and animations as well as ragdoll physics. Too easy for the most part, and not enjoyable enough compared to what else you could get.

Angry Birds

by Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Sling birds into structures to knock them down, and take revenge on the pigs who made them angry by eating their eggs. Really well done, and the best of it's kind of propelling an object to knock down a structure. 63 deluxe levels are included that become really tough, and each is ranked one to three stars for replayability. Really good, and is just behind some stiff competition.

Bike Or Die 2 - Physics Bike Simulator

by Chillingo Ltd

Very deluxe physics engine is included. The bike physics idea is super unique for the App Store, and the game is made well. Tons and tons of levels with downloadable content too. Small concern is that it's very difficult since the biker falls off with the smallest mistake. Also the controls aren't the most user friendly. Manageable, but not really good enough to compete with the big boys in physics based games.

Crayon Physics Deluxe

by Hudson Entertainment

Crayon physics game from Hudson. The big name that doesn't perform as well as the Touch Physics game. It's very similar in many regards, but overall it doesn't run as smooth, and the physics engine doesn't seem as good. Since this a is a buying guide for $4.99 it's about on par with touch physics 2, or just slightly inferior. The thing is touch physics 2 is $1.99, and has better animations and physics engine.



Ragdoll physics like. Blast the scarecrow as high as you can through multiple enemies. You have to collect popcorn to be able to blast, and with no blasts it falls back to the ground. Plus+ is included for online high scores and fun achievements you'll want to collect. A good game, but too repetitive to be ranked higher.

Max Injury

by Box Shaped Games

The second best ragdoll physics game, but isn't as realistic as stair dismount. Also annoying goofy sound effects are included. There are 16 levels of various types of environments to toss the ragdoll around.

Jungle Bloxx™

by Digital Chocolate, Inc.

It has many types of puzzles in one, but everything outside of the physics side is in mini-games which are too easy. Just tap on the bloxx you want to destroy, but be careful how they fall down, as you need to get the diamond in each level. Tap a block the diamond falls a level, and then tap again making sure the diamond never falls to the side. Too simplistic to compete in the overall category.

Magnificent Gizmos & Gadgets

by Publisher X

The game is very similar to fantastic contraption. It just falls short in terms of number of levels, as well as difficulty. The difficulty is what makes Fantastic Contraption so good. There are also fewer interactive tools, but slightly different in level mechanics as well.

Other Apps
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