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Don’t Get Outwitted By These Outwitters

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Outwitters (Free) by One Man Left is a turn-based strategy game where you must outwit your enemy in a battle of minions. Lead the attack, but watch out for clever moves from your opponents as you destroy their base.

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We recently told you about the much-anticipated new release from the creative team behind Tilt to Live. One Man Left has finally joined the ranks of turn-based gaming and they’ve done an excellent job. Similar to the popular game Hero Academy, Outwitters focuses on fighting the ultimate battle between foes. How do you expect to win if you’re equally matched with your enemy? The key is to outwit your opponent.

This is only available as a multiplayer game. Players can play against others through Game Center or play against friends in the same room in pass-and-play style multiplayer gaming. To make your appearance known, join the League and play against others that are matched to your abilities. Don’t worry. If you are a total “newb,” you won’t get your butt handed to you by a veteran gamer. You’ll play against someone with a similar amount of game time under their belt.

Players start with a certain number of minions on the board. Each one can perform two tasks. They can move and attack. Each task costs the player “wit,” so it is possible to run out of wit before you’ve moved all of your minions. Players can store up wit if they don’t use it all in one turn. This becomes very helpful when you want to build a bigger army, or replace minions that have been defeated.

To add a new minion to the board, simply tap the “Spawn” space on the board and bring up the minion menu. Each one costs a certain number of wit points. Some can cost as much as four wit points. Once you’ve added a minion, it can still move and attack if you have enough wit in your bank. Minions are stronger in some stats and weaker in others. For example, the “Heavy” has a lot of hit power and a lot of defense points. However, its movement is very slow.

The goal is to kill the enemy’s base. Don’t waste time trying to chase down soldiers, head straight for your opponent’s camp. Players can only see enemies within their minion’s movement range. So, be careful not to walk into a trap. You may find yourself on the defensive end of the game. If you can’t get the edge on your opponent, be sure to have soldiers protecting your base.

Players can unlock different types of minions and boards with in-app purchases. There are no coin upgrades or in-app ads. The game is completely free. The only reason you would want to pay real cash is if you want different design skins.

There is just one minor issue with the user interface of the game. In Game Center mode players must exit their current game in order to see when it is their turn again. You can’t just sit in the game and see when it is your turn.

I’d really like to see the option to play against a computer generated opponent. Sometimes, I’m not free to play a full game against a real-life opponent, but I feel obligated to take my turn so the other person doesn’t have to wait too long. If I could play against a CG player, I could set the game down and come back to it when I felt like it without irritating anyone else.

This is a great turn-based strategy game. The graphics are great and the gameplay is challenging, depending on your skills against other real-life players. The fact that this game is free makes it even more enticing. If you’re looking for a way to play multiplayer turn-based board games, then you found the right app.

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Don’t Get Outwitted By These Outwitters

Don’t Get Outwitted By These Outwitters