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Take The Sprint: Challenge, Not The Mobile Device Company, Either

Take The Sprint: Challenge, Not The Mobile Device Company, Either

July 14, 2012
Sprint:Challenge by LAMA Produksiyon Yazilim Bilisim Ltd. Sti. icon

Sprint:Challenge ($0.99) by LAMA Produksiyon Yazilim Bilisim Ltd. Sti. is an endless runner for the samurai in you. Jump over bamboo traps and duck under low-flying sais in this ancient battle against evil ninjas.

Sprint:Challenge by LAMA Produksiyon Yazilim Bilisim Ltd. Sti. screenshot

Players are tasked with helping the young samurai defeat ninjas that are hidden from sight, laying traps and throwing weapons. The armor-clad runner must jump over blazing fires and piles of heart-piercing bamboo. As opposed to endless runner games like Temple Run: Brave or Subway Surfers, this one is side-scrolling and does not require any turning. Players must jump, dive, or slash their way out of danger.

The samurai collects ancient coins along the way that can be used in the store to unlock special power-ups. For example, 500 coins will unlock the “Run of Pain” power-up, which will speed up the samurai for four seconds. If you don’t have enough coins, you can add more with in-app purchases.

Sometimes, you will want to drop back down to the ground quickly after a jump. To do so, tap the down button and your jump will be cut short. This is very helpful for situations where there is a blazing fire and flying ninja stars right near each other. You can also double-tap the up button for higher jumps.

One addition to this game that makes it different than others in its genre is the fact that you can also disarm bombs by swiping across the sky. I never actually came across a bomb, so I don’t know how easy it is to disarm it while trying to run, jump, and duck under things at the same time.

I experienced a major crash after about 20 minutes of play. I had to delete the game from my device and reinstall it, which deleted all power-ups I had unlocked and all coins I had earned. It only happened once, but buyers should be aware of the possibility of a crash. I was playing on a fourth-generation iPod touch.

This game is entertaining and well made. The power-ups make for an even more interesting challenge. The bomb disarmament feature makes it stand out from other game in the same genre. I had a major crash that required deleting and reinstalling the game, which deleted all of my progress. However, I didn’t lose that much and it only happened once. If you aren’t worried about the possibility of a major crash while playing this game, I recommend it for fans of endless runners.

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