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Rain Or Shine, Simple Weather App Sun Is Just A Tap Away

July 22, 2012
Clearly, the weather is not only a popular conversation starter. It's also a popular subject for iOS developers, as evidenced by the continuing proliferation of weather apps in the App Store. But as it turns out, the weather as a favorite among developers can also flourish outside of the App Store. No, I'm not referring to apps on other platforms. I'm talking, in particular, about Sun. Sun is very much reminiscent of another recently released app called Weather Neue. Unlike Weather Neue and most other weather apps for iOS, though, Sun is not available in the App Store. Rather, it's technically a Web app that you can install on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. To "download" Sun on your iDevice, just go to developer Jakob Henner's site on mobile Safari. You will then have to add the site to your home screen. Henner describes Sun as a "simple weather app." And how! [caption id="attachment_322079" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Sun Settings View[/caption] Upon launching Sun, it shows only the current temperature plus an icon representing the weather condition in your current location. You can swipe left or right to switch to any of three other cities. You can also use pinch gestures to access Sun's other features. Pinch out to view a four-day forecast including highs and lows as well as wind speeds. Or pinch in to adjust what few settings the Web app supports. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, change cities, and choose among several minimalist themes. Why Henner decided to release Sun as a free Web app instead of a free native app in the App Store is beyond me. Regardless, Sun is a beautiful weather app that simply works. Source: Sun Via: The Verge

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