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Swipe The Lovesick Fish To Safety In Jar On A Bar

Swipe The Lovesick Fish To Safety In Jar On A Bar

July 6, 2012
Jar on a Bar by Chillingo Ltd icon

Jar on a Bar ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd is a fun, yet challenging, game that tests your ability to make logical decisions. The cute and vibrant animations combined with the challenging puzzles make this a fabulous game.

Jar on a Bar by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

The game starts with an opening cartoon sequence showing how the fish ended up in his jar. It tells the story of how the boy fish was torn away from his fish girlfriend and is now stranded in a jar on the banks of a lake. I thought these cartoons were adorable and added an impressive level of detail to the app. After the opening sequence you move on to the first set of levels.

There are three main segments in the game and each segment contains 24 levels. The levels increase in difficulty as you move forward in the game. I was pleasantly surprised at how tricky some of the levels could be and I greatly enjoyed the challenge.

To play the game, you need to maneuver the bars so that you safely get the jar to the ground without it breaking or spilling any water. The more water you spill, the less star power you earn. While the game sounds very simple, it can get very difficult as time goes on.

After you clear the first few levels, the game will throw some challenges your way in the form of ice bars and bars with metal spikes. You will have to use logic to figure out how to keep the fish safe in his jar. As you travel through the levels, not only do the bars change, but so does the scenery. Each level is its own little puzzle, which makes the game so addictive.

I personally love this game and think Chillingo did a fabulous job creating it. Chillingo also has other entertaining apps like The Act and Non Flying Soldiers. If you like Jar On A Bar, then I would definitely recommend looking into Chillingo’s other apps.

Jar on a Bar by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

For $0.99 Jar On A Bar is a great deal. It is so habit forming that it will keep you busy for hours without ever becoming boring. I have played this game for many hours and I’m sincerely looking forward to seeing what other surprises are in store.

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