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TumbleOn Gets New Features And Tumbles Into iPhone

TumbleOn Gets New Features And Tumbles Into iPhone

July 6, 2012
TumbleOn, one of the most popular Tumblr clients for iOS, has just received another update. And as indicated by the whole number in its versioning — the big 3.0 — the update is a major one. Just a couple of weeks ago, Tumblr released its redesigned official iOS app. Although its revamped interface is nice, the app ultimately disappoints with its persistent lack of native iPad support. TumbleOn, which has been compatible with iPad since its launch nearly a year ago, continues to fill this void. But there's one big caveat attached to TumbleOn. As suggested by its subtitle, "A Streaming Image Viewer," it displays photo posts only. So, don't expect other post types (text, video, audio, quote, chat, link) supported by Tumblr to show up in the app. TumbleOn is dedicated to doing one thing well, and its latest update is further proof of this. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The app's 3.0 update introduces the following new features:
  • Post photos.
  • Groups - view several blogs at once.
  • Multi-photo post viewing support.
  • Reblog to queue.
  • Blog search.
  • View more or less rows in the image stream.
  • Load HD Images setting.
  • Quick share with long-press in image stream.
  • Browse all followers / following (not just latest 200).
  • Choose blog to view followers for.
On top of those, the update coincides with the release of TumbleOn for iPhone. The new app inherits the features, old and new alike, of the original TumbleOn for iPad, which has now been renamed TumbleOn HD. The main difference, of course, is that they're optimized for the iPhone's smaller screen. TumbleOn HD for iPad is available in the App Store for $1.99, while TumbleOn for iPhone is offered free of charge until July 13. There are other Tumblr clients out there that support Tumblr's full line of post types. But if you just want to revel in Tumblr's overflowing supply of photo posts, you're bound to like TumbleOn.

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